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Gold Coast Wine Tours

Terms & Conditions


What personal information do we collect?

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) (effective 25/05/2018), we follow the definitions and direction of personal information, meaning, collection and use. Personal information generally means information which relates to a living individual who can be identified from that information.

Your data collected will be used for the purposes of planning and executing your tour arrangements, direct contact with Gold Coast Wine Tours, as well as future marketing and communications (you can opt out of all future marketing simply by notifying Gold Coast Wine Tours in writing: Our database is hosted externally with all data security protocols in place. Gold Coast Wine Tours does not hold or store your credit card information. All credit card payments are processed via our “Stripe” or “Square” platforms and data is not retained.



Gold Coast Wine Tours reserves dates and venues on your behalf. These reservations often mean, other interested parties are turned away for corresponding dates. Costs are incurred with reservations, staff bookings and administrative tasks when bookings are made.

  • All cancellations within 7 business days of your tour will require 100% of the booking fee to be paid without refund.

  • All cancellations within 21 business days of your tour, will require 50% of the booking fee to be paid. This will include changes to booking numbers. Venues are arranged and booked as per your guest number request.

  • Cancellations outside of this period will be subjected to a cancellation fee of $220 including GST + any costs incurred through bookings (eg: bus reservations). Gold Coast Wine Tours does offer all guests the opportunity to postpone their tour date without fee, where genuine & unusual circumstances have presented themselves. We understand that unforeseeable events arise on occasion, and we are here to work with you. Interstate & Overseas traveller refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis, at management discretion.

  • In the event that cancellation refunds need to be issued (whether the cancellation is generated by Gold Coast Wine Tours, or the consumer), Gold Coast Wine Tours will process the cancellation refund with in 21 (twenty-one) days of the cancellation request. Refunds will be issued via Electronic Funds Transfer only. No cash refunds will be issued.



By booking a tour with Gold Coast Wine Tours, you will be undertaking a responsibility for a certain level conduct and behaviour. It will be your responsibility to inform your group of the code of conduct, and share all behavioural and safety directives, with your group.



  • Gold Coast Wine Tours plans your itinerary from the booking stage. A pre-planned route is established as the best and safest route for the day. For your safety, our drivers are not permitted to deviate from this route, except for circumstances where safety requires it (eg: flooded roads, severe traffic accidents). This includes detours for irregular drop offs that are not pre-planned. Any changes to drop off locations must be communicated to Gold Coast Wine Tours prior to the commencement of your tour.

  • Qld Govt legislation prohibits both the presence of open containers of alcohol, or consumption of alcohol inside a vehicle, even in circumstances where the occupants are under the legal limit.. As such, all consumption of alcohol in our vehicles is prohibited by State Law under our licencing.

  • You will be responsible for any mess or soiling of the vehicle you are traveling on. We ask all guests to treat the vehicles with respect, refrain from eating on the bus, and any form of smoking (including vapes & e-cigarettes) is forbidden. A $330 cleaning fee (including GST) will be charged for any mess that must be cleaned from the bus, including (but not limited to) any soiling from bodily functions or food mess.

  • Persons affected by alcohol or drugs will be refused entry to the tour transport at the beginning of your tour. No refunds are applicable in this circumstance.



  • Gold Coast Wine Tours facilitates bookings between you, “the guest”, and our “venue partners”. We value both relationships very highly. Our goal is to give you the very best experience of the day, by introducing you to some of our region’s best locations.

  • All of our venues are licenced, meaning no outside alcohol can be brought to these premises for consumption. Alcohol is available to purchase from each venue and must be consumed within their licenced areas. All staff at these venues are required to operate to the State Govt Responsible Service of Alcohol requirements and will not serve guests who appear to be intoxicated.

  • You must act with consideration for your fellow patrons. Each venue will have multiple visitors enjoying their own experiences of the day. Please act in a manner that is considerate of the other guests at each venue.



Gold Coast Wine Tours reserves the rights to use all images taken whilst on tour in our social media, marketing, advertising, and business platforms. Should you wish to not have your images used, please notify your host and we will make sure your images are not used in marketing & promotional materials.



By accessing our website, mobile applications or communications from us, our servers may record data regarding your device and the network you are using to connect with us, including your IP address. IP addresses may be used (but not limited to) data tracking, contact tracing, investigations to security breaches.

Third-party web analytic services on our websites and mobile apps may be used, which may also include the use of “Cookies”. These “Cookies” help analyse and track usage of our website and other platforms.



Gold Coast Wine Tours facilitates experiences between “you”, the guest, and our venue partners. Gold Coast Wine Tours holds no liability for any guests’ actions or consequences resulting from the overindulgence of alcohol, no liability for damage caused by guests, no liability for injuries sustained to guests. Some activities engaged in could be considered hazardous (eg: bushwalk trails). Each guest undertakes they are aware of the risks involved in these activities and is responsible for any insurances they wish to have or claim upon.



  • Entry is at your own risk

  • The owners and operators of Gold Coast Wine Tours are not liable for death, injury, property loss or damage howsoever caused, including negligence by Gold Coast Wine Tours and its staff, to the fullest extent permitted by law and you irrevocably release the owner and operators of Gold Coast Wine Tours from all claims and liability.

  • Guests must be in good health, agile and free from any potentially adverse medical conditions. You should seek medical advice if uncertain.

  • Children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by an adult/carer who accepts responsibility for their care, safety and conduct 

  • Guests with disabilities must not undertake any activity beyond their capability. Many scenic lookout locations will involve short bushwalking trails. Bushwalking trails are not recommended for guests with disabilities.

  • A carer accompanying a disabled guest to assist that guest will be asked to confirm the guest’s capability for the activity

  • Guests using crutches or walkers are not permitted to engage in any bushwalking trails or activities


Health Advice

  • Pregnant & expectant mothers should seek medical advice before entering into any bushwalking activity. Gold Coast Wine Tours takes no responsibility for pregnant / expectant mothers who choose to consume alcoholic beverages on the day. A range of non-alcoholic beverages are available

  • Persons affected by medical conditions, where the consumption of alcohol could be deemed hazardous, should seek medical advice before engaging in any tour activity.


Your Responsibilities

  • There are inherent risks in all activities that involve bushwalking trails & outdoor sightseeing. You, by your participation, accept the inherent risks of which a prudent person is or should be aware.

  • You must exercise good judgement and act in a responsible manner whilst engaged in these activities

  • You must act with consideration for your own safety and wellbeing and that of others, and refrain from behaviour that could affect your safety and the safety of others

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